Monday, November 10, 2014


Nov 2nd
The pictures are super cool, thank you. I had a good week. I tired to see as many members as I could. I had some great lessons and no one rejected us this week. We gave away five Books of Mormon. We got five new investigators. It was a good week. I'm going to a lesson in about two hours and I need the prayers for the spirit. Plead with the Lord to bless me with his spirit. We had one investigator come to church. She is an eternal investigator but she said next year in Jan. she wants to be in the church. I don't know if I believe but I hope she does. It will be the best decision she will ever make. We have one investigator who has a lot of potential but he is often out of town. He has been to church. I hope he continues to grow. I will try and get you some pictures thank you so much for everything. I'm really sad to be moving from Surabaya. I really have a great love for the members.The people are great in this country. I will always have a little Indonesian in me the rest of my life.  

Nov 9th
 Well I'm here in Bandung. This city is where all the young people come for school and to have fun. It's a lot cooler here, but so far sama aja( the same anywhere else). I am going to be a District Leader here.The new companion is from Miami, Florida. He is a Heat fan. He is great and I think we will have a great time together. He already respects me as a teacher. He told me I have a good knowledge of the gospel. There are no investigators here at all. A few but doesn't seem they are very progressive. This area is said to be the hardest area in the mission. I think it is a little true but its not about the numbers. We'll find someone to teach and help to come unto Christ. 
    I was very sad to leave my last area behind. I really hope those two youth I helped receive the ordinance of baptism stay active. I love them dearly. This branch is very small maybe the smallest here in country but there are some pioneers here. The first member baptized in Indonesia is here. I got the chance to go to his house. He is a great man. He is a single old man but he is wonderful and very to the point. He is a Chinese man and he can read your hand and give you advice. He told me i was going to get married fast like right after the mission and that I'm really good at making decisions. I know right between wrong he said and I will have three kids hahaa. That doesn't sound to right. but oh well. and He said if I start a business don't do it alone. Do it with a friend I can trust. If I do it alone it won't go very well. 
The rest of the week went well. I had a great time here. I miss the people of Surabaya. I had a great time there.  My language is getting really good. I love you all and I know this church is true. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This week was great and I had a great time. I have some cool stories for you. Monday I went to a lady house who couldn't walk and I tried to teach her, but she can't read.  I didn't know what to do or say because she was super weirded out and  the whole neighborhood came to see the white guys and they couldn't understand my Indonesia it made me a little mad. I had a good time trying. 
Tuesday I went really far to a members house and met an in-active and I hope I can help him and his family come closer to Christ. It will be a long road but all people can repent and change. 
Wednesday was a good day all cool experiences happened. the Sisters had to go to the church, they end up meeting a man looking for my companion they call us and we head over there and he is going through some really hard times. We had a good lesson and helped him receive a Book of Mormon. Then we taught some inactives and new members. One of the inactives told me one time in another city.he had no work and no money. He said the missionaries came to his house and there are two doors for his house the missionaries came in and he went out the other with his guitar. He wanted to look for money to buy food for the missionaries. He went and played for money and got enough money to buy them some food. I was blown away. it touched my heart. I love that man. He is wonderful and he and his family are starting to return to church. He opened up to me and told me his problems. I feel very loved and trusted. 
Thursday I went on spilts and invited 10 people to here the gospel and no one even cared but I tried. f
Friday we went to the man who came to the church. We taught him the restoration and he had no questions he looked a little confused but I could tell he was feeling it. It was pretty cool. We all kneeled and prayed to end the lesson. he said a great prayer. Then later that day we went to a Muslim home and gave them a lesson on the Book of Mormon and a little on Joesph smith. They received it and said we could come back. s
Saturday I didn't work I was sick and had a fever for most of the day. I should have just worked but Jacob keeps telling me I need to take care of my body. So I did. 
Sunday was my favorite becuase it was the primary program and two of the people I helped receive the gospel rode there bikes to church it was awesome. I felt amazing. I love the church. I might go to a family home evening. I don't know yet. I love you all!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mission Life

There is a brand in Indonesia that's called Dang I love Indonesia, so we copied it a little and made ours shirts say dang I love surabaya barat district. then we got our names on the back. its pretty cool.

Jared might not like that I am sharing this story but it's apart of being a missionary. 

   I had a bike wreck. I was going down a hill and I needed to stop, I pulled the wrong brake becuase they are backwards here, and I flew over my handle bars. I got up and my pants are destroyed. I got up all mad and I'm like why can't I ride my bike today because I was having trouble all day. I got up and was fine and enjoyed the day. lol 

 I'm doing great. I had a great time with Elder Wintolo this week. My companion gets here in Surabaya in two days. I'm excited to meet him. Yesterday I confirmed someone for the first time I was scared to death and my Indonesian wasn't very good. The English wanted to come out for the blessing, but I did my best and I know the spirit was guiding me. 
    I was reading last night about faith. In articles of faith Elder Talmage explained some great things that I knew, but I guess I could never explain without his words. It was cool how he said a lot of people think faith and believing is the same thing. He thinks thats not true. True faith is when you believe in him but you trust in him and you act for him. You love trust in him because you believed in him and then you act upon that belief. I thought that was cool. 
Then he talked about faith some more. How Heavenly Father has all these laws and that's how he works but if we truly have faith,  things can change that it pretty much brings mercy and thats how miracles are brought. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear because I have two languages in my head and my English is already bad. I don't have really any cool amazing stories this week. President is wanting us to raise the bar and get 2  baptisms in four months. I told him I'm shooting for three and I'll get it done. so lets see the faith work through me now. I miss you all a ton.

Monday, July 21, 2014


 Baptism From a Couple of Weeks ago
This is called a Kaki Lima or five legs. People go by the house at night selling food. This one has fried rice and noodles.
 This is a Warung. We eat at places like this normally. It's kind of like Curt's and it's 70-80 cents.
The church building. 

     Elder Haws is doing great. He will be getting a new companion in August. He will be coming straight from the Missionary Training Center and Jared will be training him and teaching him the ropes of the mission. 
     Elder Haws taught an investigator the word of wisdom this week and he will be following up with her. She isn't going to be getting baptized this week but they are shooting for August 3rd. 

Monday, July 14, 2014


      I tried to send you pictures but it didn't work, so I'll try and find another warnet or something or try again!! I miss you all! The Lord loves you and I love you. This week I was able to see two children of God be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. I was very blessed and I will forever be blessed to be able to teach someone the restored gospel! I know the things which I teach are true. The gospel is restored and we have a prophet not a prophet it says in revelations someone having a testimony of Jesus Christ, but as it says in Matthew about Peter holding the keys of the kingdom! The keys are on the earth again! We have the Priesthood! 
     When the young man I baptized was asked to give his testimony in front of the branch, he went up there and said some great things. He is only 12 and is brave enough to go in front of a whole branch and bare his testimony from his heart. The thing that touched my heart the most was he said he was grateful to learn the gospel from me. It really touched my heart and I  will try and be a example to him the rest of my life! I love the young man! He is amazing.
      I wish I could send you a picture of him. I love him! we should have another baptism in two weeks! we have a zone conference with President this week. We are suppose to have a meeting with all the new trainers. Lets see if I become a trainer or not! I have a feeling i might become a DL or trainer so lets see! I feel that I'm ready to lead but I will take whatever the Lord gives me! I'm so excited! I'm sad a lot the people that helped me get through my first few months of the mission are going home next month. I get to meet with some of them next week at the conference. I love you all. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

New Area

Hello Everyone,
 This week was really good. I'm really enjoying this area and  the people I'm serving with! I know I will have a lot of success  in this area! We got a baptismal commitment. He has some of word of wisdom problems, but I know we can help him over come his problems. His wife is a member and I know that will help him a lot. We invited his wife to be an example and read and pray together as a family. 
       I also had a great experience last week! I woke up sick as a dog. I felt terrible and we had an appointment. I tried to get up and do personal study but I just couldn't. I prayed with real desire because I just wanted to go out and help people. I rested and woke up and got dressed and then I asked for a blessing. when I received the blessing he said you need to keep showing your faith. 
       I went out still sick and I mean sick. Our appointment was on the other side of the city. I got on my bike and we finally got there maybe 45 minutes later and I thought I was going to die. I shook his hand and started to teach. It all went away. I had no pain and the spirit gave me peace. 
     Now I know Moroni is right in Ether 12:6 (we can't receive a testimony until we try our faith). I knew I could be healed because God lives and his priesthood is real but this time I had to show my faith! I know for a fact that the priesthood is restored and I will profess that the rest of my life!

Monday, May 19, 2014


     Well this week might have been my favorite week of my mission so far. I broke my record of lessons in a week with 17, and I had some great experiences. First off I am moving next Thursday to a city named Surabaya. It's known as the hottest city in Indonesia! Everyone tells me I'm going to get dark and lose 10 kilos. That really doesn't sound to bad to me haha. 
     I'm having a great time and I'm going to miss the people in Solo a lot. My new companion is Elder Simanungkalit. Most of his family is from my ward and they are great people. I hear he's a great Elder, works hard. and likes to have fun. We will have success I know it.
      Well the coolest experience of my week was I went on splits last Saturday and I had the best lesson of my mission. We taught this Islamic young man named Fxxxxx. He is really smart and pretty much fluent in English. We taught him in Indonesian and half in English. it was great. He thinks very logically. The whole time I just testified of the Savior and his atonement. 
     I know the atonement of Jesus Christ is true and I can promise every person in this world that it is true! The spirit was really strong and he asked some great questions. I just loved the lesson because I could see he was feeling the same thing I was feeling.To top it all off we asked him to pray and he did.He said a vocal prayer to his Heavenly Father! It was so cool. I'm pretty sure that was his first time ever praying! It was great! 
     Then yesterday the last lesson of the week we taught an in-active his name is Txxxxx. he is a great young man but needs a little help. He was talking about how he was offended by some members and how the members are self righteous, and I agree with him totally. I myself have been self righteous at times, but I looked at him and said the people in this church are not perfect but the teaching and the gospel that we have are perfect! Then he went off and was like I'm thinking of going to another church and stuff. It made me feel really bad. I just feel bad for him. Being a little like Jacob my brother and myself of course, I pulled out the scriptures and opened D&C 1:30 and read it to him, and said these words are from no man but God himself. I raised my voice a little and said this is his church and we are lead by him no one else. I love this church and I love my Savior. I may not be perfect at showing it but i do love him! I love you all and miss you all! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zone Conference

     I'm doing pretty good. I'm sorry you have been blessed with the bad luck on flights. I think it taught me how to become patient. I wish I would've developed that quality sooner. It might have changed my life a little but oh well we live and we learn. 
      My missionary experience from this week is, I received a referral from the other Elders in Solo about this guy who wanted to meet that night. I looked for forever trying to find it and I even went to the Bishop's to get directions because addresses are so bad in this country. i finally found it. I walked in and he thinks I'm there to teach English but I said I was there to teach him the gospel. He was like I don't have time tonight how about Saturday. I was like sure and he said he would invite all his neighbors. 
     Saturday morning Elder Barlow was sick. We called some other Elders to see if they can go. So I went on splits probably with my favorite Indonesian in the mission. We got there and Elder Wintlo (Indonesian) teaches great, but lets rewind a little. 
    Earlier that day Elder Barlow was doing something. I knew I needed the spirit like really bad. I've been having a hard time feeling the spirit in this language. I prayed for a long time and all I prayed for was the spirit, I didn't get up until I felt it. Now fast forward to the lesson. It's my turn to teach about the Book of Mormon. I taught it perfect no language mistakes and testified with the spirit. I just wanted to show you that the Lord is always ready to bless you if you just ask with faith and have a desire. Show him you love him and show him that you need him. We were blessed with 4 new investigators this week. I'm so glad to be a missionary.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


     My favorite talk from conference was probably Elder Oaks from the Priesthood session, Nabi (President) Monson, or President Uchtdorf. I really liked Elder Oaks because it was just a really good talk about the priesthood it helped me understand it a lot more. I just love Nabi Monson because I feel so loved and he talked about love. It made me change my heart and helped me love these people in Indonesia more. He is just a loving man and I know what he says is true. He doesn't speak with fire or get in your face. He just smiles and speaks from his heart. I feel the Savior's love when he speaks and I know he is a nabi.
     I enjoyed president Uchtdorf because I realized how much I was complaining for no reason. I jsut need to be thankful that I can serve and what I have. My mission might be the hardest mission in the world but I have the best one in the world too. I know the Lord sent me here for a reason. I am super blessed and I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be here no matter how hard it will become, because it is worth it more then anything. 
   I making bonds and I am learning so much more then I ever could about the nature of God, his love, and how he communicates to us. 
     This week wasn't to bad of a week. We taught 10 lessons. We gave away 4 Books of Mormon. I'm super blessed to be able to learn this language. I never thought of having the ability to learn so much so fast. We had two super cool experiences this week. I met this man in a post office last week and he said he went to Philippines a year ago and lived there for four months. He already knew a little about families can be together forever and he was really interested. So we contacted him a few days latter and he said come to my work. We did and it wasn't in our area but we went anyway. Then we find out it that he is teacher at Adventist school for missionaries. We met all these people. One was a white man from America he didn't seem to happy to see us but oh well. We ended up teaching him in his office about families and the restoration. He took the Book of Mormon and asked a lot of questions. He said he would contact us again if he wanted to learn again. I don't know if he will but I have faith that if he reads it will change his life. 
     The other experience was we went to another invesigators who said he was always busy and didn't seem to want to meet anymore. We went over there and he is working outside. He let us in and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he seems to really like it. The cool part is he already has read to page 237 of Mosiah 7. I thought he didn't want to learn anymore. It was cool to see the Lord is helping people everyday. 
     I know if people read the Book of Mormon and ponder then pray. They will know this is the true church and I have no doubt. I know this is the true church because of that book and that will never change. I invite everyone in the family to read it everyday and I know they can stand as a witness themselves and also fight temptation of daily life. I love y'all and cant wait to see you again!! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Doing the Work

 District headed to the Waterfall

     It's going good. We could be more effective but we are both pretty young. My companion has been in Indonesia for 7 months. We are getting better each week. We gave away three Book of Mormon this week. One to a lady I contacted in a park. I taught her a lesson by myself and gave her a Book of Mormon. She just kept asking questions and I kept answering. It was awesome. The only problem is that she lives 6 hours away in the middle no where. They have my number and a pamphlet. I know they can get more information on their own now. 
     I'm doing well and I'm super happy and a little sad too. The time is flying by and I don't want to fail the Lord with the little time I have. I'm already at five months and I feel like I left yesterday. I'll be home before I know it. 
     We may have some investigators, finally, but we will see. We are still looking for people each day to give the gospel too. Yesterday I made an appointment with this guy. We go there and we meet his friend and he is so wasted. He kept saying the same thing over and over again. He loved talking to my companion. He just was talking and talking. I was just laughing. Then the guy we were going to teach shows up and we just told him we would come back. He's like come back when this guy isn't here. H kept asking about the book of Mormon. We gave him one and he said he was not going to sleep and read it all night lol. I'm pretty sure he was drunk too. I know everyone needs Christ so we will bless him with the gospel I know it. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Funny Story

Beautiful View
A Temple
Our new Biking Gear

Jared didn't give us a lot to update the blog with this week. He said the President has asked them to wear those vest during the day and night. He said he feels stupid but is being obedient. He said everybody just looks at them funny. I am guessing it has to do with missionaries getting hit while they are on their bikes. Jacob asked Jared if he had any funny stories from the week and below is what he sent.

    If you didn't know by now people love taking photos of white people. We were coming home from a zone meeting on a train and I was super tired and I didn't have a seat. So I just sat down in the middle of the train, there was this lady in front of me, and I could tell she was taking pictures of me. I got another Elder to sit by me and we just smiled at here. lol  I hope she got all the pictures she needed.

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Companion New Adventures

     This week was a good one. I had a great time. My new companion just wants to work hard, and I love it. He is a great young man. We are going to do great things together. We did a lot of proselyting. We asked where the Christians were and of course the Muslims were like over there. It was really good and some people received us. We taught 5 lessons this week to investigators  I just feel like I actually did something this week. It's a great feeling. 
    On Monday went to a family night. We taught about enduring to the end. It went really well and I could really feel the spirit. Then the next day we followed up on someone in our area book. We went to their house and some guy walks out and talks to us. We talked for a while and then we asked if we could share a message. He really wasn't understanding or something. He kept saying he was sick and stuff. Then he goes and says he was a sakit jiwa. which means a sick soul or retarded. I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure the dude was higher than a kite. My companion agreed. He did tell us about two Christians who lived across the street.
      We went across the street and just knocked on the gate and asked if we can come in. He said we could share a message so we did and we taught the restoration. It was going really good until we pulled the Book of Mormon out and his whole attitude changed, but he said he would read and pray. He also said he would be busy the whole month and we couldn't come back until April. It looks like missionaries are going back to his apartment in April. 
     We met this guy on the street. He was super cool and was asking all these great questions. We taught about the Book of Mormon and we were about to give him the Book of Mormon. Then this guy comes out of no where and is like religion is a lie and all this stuff and destroyed the spirit and everything. The other man received our pass along card and I hope he receives another chance. 
     Fast forward to Friday. We decided to go walk around close to our house. We were walking and talking to the kids and stuff( the kids love the white people). Then this lady asked what church are you from. That church over there or over there?  I'm like no, we talked through the gate for a minute or two and she let us in. I start teaching the restoration and my companion was like we should teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and I said okay and thats what we taught. They really enjoyed it and we are going back there tonight. 
     Yesterday a guy we met on Wednesday said we could come. We went there and he isn't home. His wife is there and his brother and sister. and all these people are talking to us and then he finally shows up. We didn't have enough time and half the people there were Muslims. They have so much potential it was awesome. We didn't teach cause you aren't allowed to teach a Muslim unless they ask to be taught. That is only the highlights. It was a great week and I'm going to really enjoy working with Elder Barlow. toady for P-day we are going to a waterfall and Buddhist temple. So yeah it should be fun. love you all. tuhan memberkati 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week #12

First Baptism

Masks for the ash from the volcano

     The ash is finally gone and it just feels great. Transfers got pushed back a week for some reason but Elder Hendro moves the third of March. My new companion is Elder Barlow.
     The first cool thing is the lady I taught who lived in another area got baptized yesterday. but the coolest thing was one of her kids asked me to baptize her. I feel super blessed from the Lord and loved also. I know he is proud of me and I just feel a lot better. Secondly that same day someone called the church and was like I want to learn about your church. He lives in my area we are going to try and meet with him today at the church. Please pray for me to have the spirit. I want to help change this mans life also. I know I can do it through the spirit because thats how all people are converted. 

Side note for baptism: I said the ordinances really well. Her name was pretty easy too but I kind of slammed her in the water I felt a little bad.  but she was for sure baptized  lol

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week # 10

 Kamdo Dragon
    This week I'll just send one email to everyone. I'm doing really well. I'm really starting to be able to understand the spirit more, and i love it. Me and Elder Hendro are having a hard time with investigators but we are doing great with in-activates. I have two young men that I see about once a week and they are starting to come to church more often. I'm glad to able to put my arm around them and uplift them. I think that's one of my talents from Heavenly Father and it might be the reason I was sent here. I just try to share the love to everyone. 
     Sometimes church is  a struggle for me. I don't really understand what's going on, and I like to ponder about things. Half of the time I don't even know whats going on. I'm doing better then before. I'm super sad that in about two weeks Iwont be with Elder Hendro anymore. We have gotten really close and he helps me so much with the language. I will be forever grateful for him. 
      We are going to some museum today and eating steak after. I don't know which one I'm more excited for. I have been in Indonesia for two months already and its going to be three before I know it. The time really flies bye. My Language is getting really good. 
     Mom when is my b-day package going to get here? I think its lost forever! Madison you can tell your mom I got her card, and tell her thank you, means a lot. Mom tell Sister Frances thank you for her card. 
      I have been thinking a lot about trials and faith and what I've learned so far. How faith and trials are just connected. We gain faith thorugh trials but the only way we can get through the trial is faith. I guess what im trying to say is we always have to do something. So I decided to quit whining and do something about it.I started just asking anyone everyone if they know anyone I could teach. I think it's working. It helps me get to know the members and show them I care. I don't do it in a mean way but I want to do something. 
     Well I got a little story and then I'm done. We got a referal to this ladies salon. We contacted her and taught the first lesson. She started crying and said she wanted her whole family to learn. So we said we will try next week and invited her to church. Sunday rolls around and me and Elder Hendro wait until sakramen starts and she still hasn't come, so we went in. About five mintues later she comes in and sit down with her friend from the other ward. Then like another five mintues goes by and her friend  pulls her out and takes her into Relief Society in her ward and I was super confused. It turns out she lives in the other ward boundaries. So we give them to the other Elders and her whole family has a baptism date for this month. I'm not baptizing them but we found her and got her to church. So i feel pretty good about that. 
 Elder Haws 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week #7 and #8

Below are bits and pieces from Jared's emails over the last 2 weeks. 
     I was coming home on my bike and I was going do this big hill really fast and this rat runs out in the street in front of me. He tried to run back and I just hit it right on and it bounced up and hit me in the leg. It was so funny because it could have lived but choose to die.
     We only have about 3-4 people come to English class and they don't really want to learn about the gospel. Me and my companion had a good week. We worked super hard and biked a ton. We didn't have that good of numbers but we went out to find people and that's what counts, we try. We are teaching some people tonight who heard from a member about how families can be together forever. We are going to teach the plan of salvation. We have another family who lives really close to us and didn't want to learn at first but now they do. We were going to meet with them yesterday but they had to leave.                     
     The highlight of my week was that this young man we teach every Sunday afternoon actually came to church yesterday. I was super excited. I felt so good inside. I have never thanked Heavenly Father so much in my life. I just felt like I did something, you know what I mean. I saw the results and it felt so pleasing. I'm just going to keep improving and try my best.     
      We had our weekly district meeting and we go up and talk about people we need help with and elder wood was talking about this guy he wouldnt stop talking about the name mormon what does that mean and all this stuff. and I rasied my hand. i was like look at your name tag. what does it say, The Church of Jesus Christ, and i told him about the chapter in 3 Nephi when the apostles are asking for the name of the church and I told him about it. and how Christ says this is my church. not a church of man. I've never spoken with the spirit so much in my life. I finally realized I just need to talk. I need to just express myself. and thats all I need. Teaching is slow like always but we are improving. We are finding at least some new investigators a week. We are trying our best. When I speak I try and invite the spirit to let me know what I need to say. I ask a lot of questions.   
     We eat on the side of the road every night. I don't eat crazy things President told me not too. So I don't. I love you bye. I promise I will send pictures next week.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week #6

Everything is so small here
Fixing my flat tire

     This week was good and bad, but first I wanted to thank everyone who sent me Christmas cards. It was great. Thanks a lot. Especially Sister Griggs. My week was only bad because Elder H was sick. It is no fun just sitting at home all day. I did get a lot of reading done. That was the only plus. Wednesday and Saturday were probably my best two days. On Wednesday I went on splits with my district leader. He is a great Elder. His name is Elder G. We went to my area and I planned the day. I planned a ton of back up plans and I thinks thats why it was so successful. 
     First we went and saw some people in his area because his companion was at home with my companion who was sick. We went and saw a returned missionary named Brother B.  Elder G wanted me to ask him for a referral  and you know me I was just blunt as possible and I asked him. He said he didn't know anyone yet but we are going to go to his English class one day and help him. Then we went and gave Brother S an Ensign. I love that man. 
     Then we went and saw an old investigator and it was a great experience they are an older couple. They have already  had the first two lessons taught to them. The wife is reading the Book of Mormon. She has read from like 3 Nephi to near the end of Ether  think. She said she really enjoys reading it. She had also read the first two pamphlets. I was blow away. It was awesome. Then we taught the about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. That was my first time teaching that lesson but I know most of the vocabulary so I did very well. 
     We then asked them if they wanted to come church, and they said they wanted to, but they cant walk or come by motorcycle. She has a really bad knee like it's side ways. She fell in a well ( I don't know if that's right) you know the water thing lol. Wow my English is awful. I need to figure out how to build her faith and help them find a way to come to church. I know the Lord can help them. I just need faith. She also said, which was so cool, that if i get baptized will the Lord be mad at me and we said of course not. It was great.
  That same day I  taught a new investigator. His name is P great guy. He has three kids and has strong faith. We taught him about the restoration. He took the message well and said he would read. I have some really good feelings about these people and I know the Lord put them in my path to help me learn and them also. I know this church is true. 
     After we left fromP's, Elder G said something I already knew, he said wow we truly don't do anything we are just kids who know so little but some how we help people come unto Christ. Then he said the Holy Ghost does all the work. I know that is true. All I need to do is invite the Holy Ghost to testify. That's my only job at the end of the day. 
     Elder G interviewed me about what I need to improve on. It was pretty much him asking me what I thought my strength and weakness are. Then he commented on them. I set goals to improve and I'll reach them I know I will. 
     Saturday was awesome because President came down to Solo and we had a big conference. It was all about faith and the goals for the year. President is such a spiritual man and I know he is called of God. I was really impressed. My faith was really strengthen. During some part of the day the scripture in Alma 37, I think, about small and simple things bring to pass great things. I've been thinking about that a lot. How I just need to love and have faith. I don't know how when, who ,or where things are going to come from. I just need to trust. It just made me realize how much I'm blessing others already and myself. I love being a missionary. I miss you all and I think about home sometimes but I'm where I need to be. I love you all. Be safe and trust in the Lord.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week # 5

     This week was pretty well. I had a wonderful birthday and we had a  zone meeting. It was really weird being away from family and friends for my birthday, but it was also a blessing. I'm so happy and blessed to be a missionary. The Savior has blessed me so much and I love helping people come closer to him. I hope I'm a good example but I don't think I am. I try to always improve and see what  I could do better. 
   I hope everyones Christmas was well and they are very happy and were able to remember the Savior. I don't think I've ever thought about the Savior so much in my life. I hope I'm making him happy through my service. I think I care about that most. 
     I gave my testimony yesterday. It's really hard to express yourself in this language. Things are really simple in Indonesian sometimes that's really good sometimes that's not. We taught 8 inactive lessons this week and received some more referrals.  I hope these work better then the last ones. Me and my companion couldn't find an address (addresses are pretty crazy here) so we went and asked these people and my companion kinda checked the store out because it had some jerseys. They were talking about me and my companion said. " my Indonesian wasn't very good". I said, "he was a liar and started talking to them". I invited them to English class. They all said they would come but I don't know if they will. Then they wanted pictures with me. It was kinda hilarious  I don't understand why white people are so cool here but they are. I feel like a celebrity.
      Yesterday we taught a young man. He is kind of inactive. I felt good because I knew how he felt. I could just tell he was a good kid but he just didn't like church. I asked him if he wanted eternal life and he said he did. He wants to live with his family forever. I promised him if he came to church and would pray and read and study his scriptures that he could. He is a good kid and I hope he comes to church.
      I just love how simple the message is to the world. if you ask the Lord in prayer with a sincere heart and want to know the truth you can know it to be true. I'm so thankful to know about personal revelation. It has blessed my life so much. I want people to know about the same things I know to be true. Keep working hard all of you and never loose faith. I love all of you. Never forget your Savior and maju terus. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week # 4

  My Companion and I are getting pretty close. We taught sister X. It went pretty well. They know English but they went back to Jakarta. so we gave them to the Elders there. I said the first vision, I didn't say it perfect but I did it. My companion says he can tell I know what to teach but the language is my only problem but i feel like i need to learn a lot more. I'm really proud of myself. I'm staying pretty positive or I'm trying too. I'm sorry it is raining so much but i know how you feel. Good luck with work and take care of dad.  Me and my Bishop are getting really close. He is super funny. ohh and my comp could serve in his ward it happens a lot. but oh well. 
         I really talk and laugh with my bishop all the time. i really enjoy time with him. He reminds me of dad. A good loving man. umm lets see how much tithing did i give?? I love the blessings from tithing. 
     We are going to Pizza Hut for my birthday. I might spend a lot of money so just get ready for it. umm idk what to say I love you and miss you. I'm so happy mom. I miss everyone but I just feel good. I know I still need to change a lot and forget about some things but I promise I'm working hard and I want to try and get a baptism in each of my areas. I'm going to do my best. I hope I get somehting from the Wards I miss them too. haha. They make me laugh so hard. They are just crazy. ohh if you can believe it, I read a Marvelous Work and a Wonder cover to cover in about three weeks and I enjoyed reading it. I think I'm going to become a reader. lol i cant believe I said that. I love to learn. I always have. I read so much now its awesome. lol jagan nakal. (dont be naughty) or like be good. love you tell everyone hi for me. and tell the family i love them and the lord loves them even more. We contact by just talking to people. We can't just go door to door. English helps a lot too.