Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This week was great and I had a great time. I have some cool stories for you. Monday I went to a lady house who couldn't walk and I tried to teach her, but she can't read.  I didn't know what to do or say because she was super weirded out and  the whole neighborhood came to see the white guys and they couldn't understand my Indonesia it made me a little mad. I had a good time trying. 
Tuesday I went really far to a members house and met an in-active and I hope I can help him and his family come closer to Christ. It will be a long road but all people can repent and change. 
Wednesday was a good day all cool experiences happened. the Sisters had to go to the church, they end up meeting a man looking for my companion they call us and we head over there and he is going through some really hard times. We had a good lesson and helped him receive a Book of Mormon. Then we taught some inactives and new members. One of the inactives told me one time in another city.he had no work and no money. He said the missionaries came to his house and there are two doors for his house the missionaries came in and he went out the other with his guitar. He wanted to look for money to buy food for the missionaries. He went and played for money and got enough money to buy them some food. I was blown away. it touched my heart. I love that man. He is wonderful and he and his family are starting to return to church. He opened up to me and told me his problems. I feel very loved and trusted. 
Thursday I went on spilts and invited 10 people to here the gospel and no one even cared but I tried. f
Friday we went to the man who came to the church. We taught him the restoration and he had no questions he looked a little confused but I could tell he was feeling it. It was pretty cool. We all kneeled and prayed to end the lesson. he said a great prayer. Then later that day we went to a Muslim home and gave them a lesson on the Book of Mormon and a little on Joesph smith. They received it and said we could come back. s
Saturday I didn't work I was sick and had a fever for most of the day. I should have just worked but Jacob keeps telling me I need to take care of my body. So I did. 
Sunday was my favorite becuase it was the primary program and two of the people I helped receive the gospel rode there bikes to church it was awesome. I felt amazing. I love the church. I might go to a family home evening. I don't know yet. I love you all!!