Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zone Conference

     I'm doing pretty good. I'm sorry you have been blessed with the bad luck on flights. I think it taught me how to become patient. I wish I would've developed that quality sooner. It might have changed my life a little but oh well we live and we learn. 
      My missionary experience from this week is, I received a referral from the other Elders in Solo about this guy who wanted to meet that night. I looked for forever trying to find it and I even went to the Bishop's to get directions because addresses are so bad in this country. i finally found it. I walked in and he thinks I'm there to teach English but I said I was there to teach him the gospel. He was like I don't have time tonight how about Saturday. I was like sure and he said he would invite all his neighbors. 
     Saturday morning Elder Barlow was sick. We called some other Elders to see if they can go. So I went on splits probably with my favorite Indonesian in the mission. We got there and Elder Wintlo (Indonesian) teaches great, but lets rewind a little. 
    Earlier that day Elder Barlow was doing something. I knew I needed the spirit like really bad. I've been having a hard time feeling the spirit in this language. I prayed for a long time and all I prayed for was the spirit, I didn't get up until I felt it. Now fast forward to the lesson. It's my turn to teach about the Book of Mormon. I taught it perfect no language mistakes and testified with the spirit. I just wanted to show you that the Lord is always ready to bless you if you just ask with faith and have a desire. Show him you love him and show him that you need him. We were blessed with 4 new investigators this week. I'm so glad to be a missionary.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


     My favorite talk from conference was probably Elder Oaks from the Priesthood session, Nabi (President) Monson, or President Uchtdorf. I really liked Elder Oaks because it was just a really good talk about the priesthood it helped me understand it a lot more. I just love Nabi Monson because I feel so loved and he talked about love. It made me change my heart and helped me love these people in Indonesia more. He is just a loving man and I know what he says is true. He doesn't speak with fire or get in your face. He just smiles and speaks from his heart. I feel the Savior's love when he speaks and I know he is a nabi.
     I enjoyed president Uchtdorf because I realized how much I was complaining for no reason. I jsut need to be thankful that I can serve and what I have. My mission might be the hardest mission in the world but I have the best one in the world too. I know the Lord sent me here for a reason. I am super blessed and I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be here no matter how hard it will become, because it is worth it more then anything. 
   I making bonds and I am learning so much more then I ever could about the nature of God, his love, and how he communicates to us. 
     This week wasn't to bad of a week. We taught 10 lessons. We gave away 4 Books of Mormon. I'm super blessed to be able to learn this language. I never thought of having the ability to learn so much so fast. We had two super cool experiences this week. I met this man in a post office last week and he said he went to Philippines a year ago and lived there for four months. He already knew a little about families can be together forever and he was really interested. So we contacted him a few days latter and he said come to my work. We did and it wasn't in our area but we went anyway. Then we find out it that he is teacher at Adventist school for missionaries. We met all these people. One was a white man from America he didn't seem to happy to see us but oh well. We ended up teaching him in his office about families and the restoration. He took the Book of Mormon and asked a lot of questions. He said he would contact us again if he wanted to learn again. I don't know if he will but I have faith that if he reads it will change his life. 
     The other experience was we went to another invesigators who said he was always busy and didn't seem to want to meet anymore. We went over there and he is working outside. He let us in and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he seems to really like it. The cool part is he already has read to page 237 of Mosiah 7. I thought he didn't want to learn anymore. It was cool to see the Lord is helping people everyday. 
     I know if people read the Book of Mormon and ponder then pray. They will know this is the true church and I have no doubt. I know this is the true church because of that book and that will never change. I invite everyone in the family to read it everyday and I know they can stand as a witness themselves and also fight temptation of daily life. I love y'all and cant wait to see you again!!