Tuesday, May 19, 2015


May 17, 2015
I sure do miss y'all! The new area is good and I'm loving the new companion! We are just killing it! We just laugh 24/7! It's great. I think it helps because I already know his family. because I already served in his branch.
    The work is much easier in Medan than Bandung. I think we will get some baptisms! I sure do love serving the Lord. I'm planning on sending y'all some pictures! I love you all. I don't know what else to say! I'm just happy!

 He is the owner of the house in Bandung. I have great love for this man.
 The most amazing family ever. They always come to lessons with us.
 An old Volcano.
 Flooding from a few weeks back.
The church building. 

The Good and The Ugly

April 26, 2015 Email
      Well this week started out very well with us as a district going to Jakarta! We had zone conference with President! What a man of God! You just feel so much love and so much spirit come from him! I sure do love that man! He made me feel good about myself like always because we all know im really hard on myself but we all need to change! I got to meet some great friends and see some friends maybe for the last time! I really got to spend time with one of my greatest Indonesian friends of all times! Elder Wintolo he is the new assistant to the President. He does his job well! Wintolo and I served together for 10 months in solo and surabaya! i will never forget the times with him and how much I love him! 
     The work went well and I found some new people and I hope and pray I can be the disciple of Christ they need me to be! I found out that I'm moving to Medan as the district leader! President said the place was made for me! I hope he is right they are a loud fun going people. Sounds like me! I got news that maybe I will go home in September but its not final I haven't got my date! but it should be soon! 
    Well on to the ugly! I was teaching a investigator that i love so much and his son goes out to pee and he just stops in the door way and my shoes are just sitting there and he fills one of my shoes up! We all just started to laugh. I had to wear a plastic bag on my foot but its all good.  After that with a stinky foot I found some people who want to learn! i love you all!  

A family I taught in Banding. The older one peed in my shoe. lol

April 12, 2015 Email

      I had a slow week. We had a chance to visit the part member family but just the mom. The husband and the son weren't there. We talked to her about how she could be a better example and to start having Family Home Evening and being a saint to her family so that her husband may have a change of heart. She agreed wiht us that she could be better. I love when people just listen to what you have to say its nice at times. 
     We also met a young man from her who wants to go to BYU Provo he is Islamic but he wantst to know more about the church so he can see if all the stuff on the internet is true and what to expect in Utah. It was a nice little lesson he took the Book of Mormon and said he wanted to meet again. I feel that maybe he will become a member because he is a very nice young man but strong in his religion. We will see what the spirit has to say and do to him. I love the gospel. 
    A young girl came and watched all of conference on Saturday but she didnt really have anything to say. I think she was alittle bored. I talked to her a little more in depth about conference. I hope she can continue to progress, she is also Islamic. i
     I have a deep love for the Indonesian people and I will cry when I leave. To tell you all I really enjoyed conference. My favorite talk was from President Packer. He really touched my heart and I really loved how he said if we really use the atonement we can be like the father and remember them no more! That just burned with in me! I loved it and I felt so touched.
     Elder Hollands story of the brothers got me. I could not stop thinking of my family. I felt so much love and support! I sure can say they are called of GOD! Oh and the Relief Society President did really good too. I learned form conference just how important it is to do the little things, and how important family is, and how I need to choose a good eternal companion. I love you and be safe. i know if we do the right things we will receive the saving grace of the Savior and the gates and windows of heaven will open to help us in this life and the next! keep the faith GOD's SPEED!