Friday, December 27, 2013

Week # 3 Christmas

Elder Haws at a mall in Solo (he loves the hat)
Getting a bat out of the apartment
Riding his bike in the heavy rain (right now is Indonesian's rain season)
Bathroom-  I have an American toilet so that nice. I don't have to squat lol. The blue bucket thing is my shower. The water is so cold and I have a scooper thing and I dump the water on myself. its not that bad.

We got to Skype with Jared Christmas night. This picture was taken off of my phone (Collette's). Elder Haws skyped his parent's in Georgia and then they facetimed Jacob and Jacob then facetimed me.
So grateful for technology!!!

  Guess what, it's been raining here too!! lol but everyday. I love the weather here.  I know I've been called to the right place. I'm really happy. My language is getting better and the members are so happy. I'm going to be Santa for the ward lol. I'll send you pictures. 
     On Sunday I'll be teaching gospel princlpes about tithing. I know most of the vocabulary so I should be good. I haven't taught an invesagtior yet because our appointments fall through, but no worries. We should teach a lesson toady with a member and an investigator. It's a part member family. We got three referals this week and maybe another because an Elder in another area was teaching in our area so we might get him. I don't really have anything cool to say yet. Oh we went to a mall and it was freaking huge. We contacted while the primary sang it was very fun. I had a great time. I just walk up to people and try and talk Indonesain and they try and speak English. We both mess up so it's funny. We told people about English class and I hope they come. We also met a guy from some where in Africa so I hope he comes to English class.  love you bye

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week # 2 Be Grateful

Elder Haws is loving the Indonesian People
Missionaries at the MTC

      I hope everyone is feeling good. This week was kinda of a struggle. We didn't teach one investigator. I hated that. They are always gone my companion says. I got really close with a lot of elders in my district and one of my zone leaders. There are some great young people in this mission. I'm really happy here. I have struggles though like everyone else. I really like my companion. He has a lot of faith and is very chill. He is always sinta aja which means just chill and relaxed. 
      I met an older man in my ward he is super kind and I can just feel the spirit as soon as I walk in. He can't make it to church he just sits in his little house. 
          By the way don't forget how freakin blessed y'all are. okay The people have nothing here and they are so much more happier then you. I never hear them complain about anything. Americans cry about everything. Then also with brother S (i will call him) we were able to give him the sacrament and I got to bless the water in Indonesian. I probably siad it wrong but I did my best. I can't read in English good,  how can I read in another language. 
       On Sunday I got to go to another members home and give them the sacrament. I really felt like the Savior going through the rain on my bike and helping people renew their covenants. It's great. All the people here as so so nice and happy. They all call me gemuk which means fat, lol, but thats a compliment here. I kinda want to throw them through a wall but I don't because thats just the way they are. People love talking to me for some reason. The Indonesia people love me too already. All I do is smile. They are very soft spoken people which is so different then I grew up with DAD. I can't even hear them or understand them. In Solo its hot but not too hot. I'm on a my bike a lot. I've already lost a few Kilos. I guess thats good. 
      The food is different but it's growing on me. I really like the fried rice. My bike was awful at fist but I got it fixed at the store. This week we were teaching a members. He knows English and so does my companion but I think I'm still going to speech Indonesian. I have a good feeling about it. A really good feeling. 
     I've been studying the first vision a lot in Indonesian. I can say most of it pretty well but I forget it sometimes. I've only had to say it once so far. There are a lot of power in those words. When I do say it. I was with Elder Broberg and I could feel the spirit change in the room. The man I was teaching really got into after that. Maybe he will become an investigator. I love just talking to people. I've given out a Book of Mormon and about ten pass along cards. I try to talk its hard. It's hard to contact in Solo. Well I don't know what else to say. uh I can't get my SD reader I'm using to work so maybe I'll send a lot of pictures next week. The internet here is even slower then at home so I'm even blessed to have the terrible internet at home. I miss that place. Christmas is going to be hard without you. I love y'all. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


President and Sister Donald  
Elder Haws with new Missionaries to the Indonesian Mission

  Alright I hope everyone is doing well! I already love Indo so much. It's a great place and everything is moving so fast. I like that. Well on last Monday I left my teachers who I already miss so much. I got really close with them. I was happy to get up in the morning and see them. My teacher Brother Rawle was super nice and took my stuff to Jacob. He is a really good example for me. We took off to the airport and I loved that I got to talk to all y'all. It was nice to hear y'alls voice. 
     So when we left from LA to HK it was about 15 HRS.  I slept all the time and walked around the rest of the time. Then guess what family i decided to eat the breakfast on the plane. I felt fine at first then we took off to Jakarta and  I started feeling awful. Terus I got so sick. I had to go to the bathroom and of course a lady was in there taking her time and I threw up all over myself and the floor. She comes out like whats going on. I felt so bad for the people on the plane but they were ramah sekali (really nice) and helped me out. The first time I met President Donald I had throw up on my white shirt. I just laughed and went on. I handed it well and I just did what Brother Rawle told me just laugh and have fun. It was super nasty but oh well.
       I got to the mission home  and had a lot of fun meeting some missionaries. I love the people here they are super nice. They said our group has the best bahsa. Like we understand so much and all I can say is thank you to my teachers. They pushed us so hard and we did what they told us.
      Then on Thursday I met the Indo district and we have been with them until today. Today I meet my trainer his name is Elder Hindro he is a really small guy but we will get along great I am here to work hard. On Thursday until today I have been working with the Jakarta district. We have a lot of fun they are Elder Xong, Broberg, Headrick and Kusumarmanto. Elder Kus what I call him he is the only Indo. On Thurzday we were all together and went to a dinner appointment. It was fun and I met some sisters.  The Indo food has been killing my stomach. I like mostly all of it. I dont know about tofu. 
       Friday we had a district meeting and had dinner together as a district. Then after me and Elder Broberg went out and taught two lessons and got a referral  We had two appointments cancel, one because the man had to go help his son out and the other was a dinner appointment of a member which cancelled cause we were going to get there late because of traffic. Traffic is so bad here so so so so so so sos sosos os soso so bad. lol We got like 5 miles in two hours. I swear so bad. but oh well. 
       Elder broberg likes how i testify. He says I have a lot of faith. I guess thats always been my strength from the begining because I know this gospel is true. I know it I know it. I just want people to find out for themselves. Thats why I am here and thats what I am going to do. Indo is fun. I am going to have great mission. The coolest thing that happened with me and Elder Broberg is we decided to just go visit this guy and we walk up and he is reading the kitab mormon we were so excited. We talked about waht he was reading about why that book was written. It was great I loved it.
     On Saturday me and Elder Headrick went out together we did some proselyting because we had no appointees and then we went to an English ward party . I met a lot of people. We ate turkey and had fun. I also learned how to play a nose whistle. That was hilarous we went up with some brothers from the ward ans played Jingle Bells through our nose whistles lol. 
     Then on Sunday I gave a really good testimony(in english) about love and Jesus Christ and the Christmas season. I really felt the spirit a lot on Sunday. Elder Mangum gave a very good testimony too. I'm going to miss him. He will always be my companion. Then after sacrament we taught a lesson on the plan of salvation in English about we are here to learn and grow and find a way back to God and we need to do our part. God loves us all so much and wants the best for us. He cares for us because he sent his only begotten to die for us. What else can I say then that he loves us more then everything. I know through this gospel I can live with my father again. 
      I didnt introduce my self at the Indo ward but oh well this isn't my area I guess. I really like the Indo people so nice and happy with so little. We stayed at church til about four because the Elders are in the choir and they had practice. I practiced with them. lol Even though my voice is so bad. lol I'm having a lot of fun. I do miss home but there is nothing greater then doing the Lords work. We then had a dinner appointment with someone from the English ward. We had some enchiladas. I hope the cheese helps my stomach.
       I meet my trainer today and then we head to Solo. Solo is my first area. We will be on bikes. they have a lot of hills they say. So it sounds like I'm about to be getting a lot skinnier. Oh but the food is really good they say. They like dog there so I will tell you how it taste. I will eat anything but rat. I guess if someone makes it for me and thats alll they have I will eat it. 
      It's hot here but not any hotter then home in like July and August. I love it. its so nice to be warm and feel humidity again. I hate dry Utah lol. Well I love you all thank you for all your love. I am sorry about the terrible spelling but I got rid of all the spell checks and I dont feel like reading all this again lol. saya tahu ini injil benar saya tahu melaliu jospeh smith yesus kritsus injil dipulikan dan saya tahu bawha yesus kritus adalah juruselamat kita

MTC Teacher

Brother Rawle (Elder Haws teacher in the MTC) He was kind enough to drop off stuff that Jared didn't need for Indonesia. Jared really looked up to him. Below is a letter he wrote Bryant and Pam. 
To whom it may concern,
Sorry to bother. My name is Jesse Rawle. I got back from my mission to Indonesia about a year ago and I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Elder Haws while he was at the MTC. I just wanted to thank you for raising up such an awesome missionary. I was impressed how fast he picked up the language and how hard he worked. He was doing great while at the MTC! Indonesia is the best place ever to serve a mission! Thank you once again.
According to the internet
Salt Lake City, Utah to Los Angeles, California 579 miles flight time 1 hour, 27 minutes
Los Angeles, California to Hong Kong 7254 miles flight time 15 hours
Hong Kong to Jakarta, Indonesia 2016 miles flight time 4 hrs, 32 minutes
total 9849 miles 21 hours flight time plus 6 hours of layovers = very long trip

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Week in the MTC

Provo Temple
Elder Haws can do Laundry!!!

    I'm doing really good. I just heard a talk from Elder Nelson, it was a great talk about living the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am ready to get to the mission field (Indonesia). Maybe not for the language but I'm going to work hard.
   Yes I ate lunch. I had turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes. Then I had some pumpkin pie. I don't really like the food here, it kinda sucks. I'm ready for my nasi and ayam! lol Maybe you can translate that on google. I got the notebook and the package from Jacob with the i-pod and stuff. Is there more coming? Please don't send anymore stuff. I'm going to have a hard time finding a place to put it.
  I leave here at 2:30 on Dec. 2 and get to the airport around 4:30 because we ride the train. Then I fly from SLC at 7:35 to LA. I will be in LA from about 9:00 there time until midnight. Then I hit Hong Kong @ 8 AM and will finally arrive in Indo at 1:20 PM on DEC 04.
   Oh I forgot to tell you. Tuesday we went to gym and the first counselor in the MTC presidency is just sitting there waiting for us(me, my companion Elder Mangum, and our sister, Sister Reilly). It's just been us three the whole time pretty much. We are ready to rock. We walked in and he's like we need your help. We got to set up for the service project today and work with them. It was really cool too work with my leaders! I loved it! Yeah everyone at the MTC! We are making soup for the food banks in UT. its pretty cool!
Here is a link to an article written about the service project Elder Haws is talking about.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

MTC Week 4

 Provo Temple
 Missionary Models
 The "Brit"
My new Best Friend for Eternity 

   Well I've been told I need to put more details in my emails. So I guess I will. I'm really excited to get to the field (Indonesia). I've had some really great experiences teaching. I'm very good at testifying. Like we were about to teach this guy named Pak Rik. He and his wife have split up, and they had a child together and he misses him. For some reason me and my companion changed our whole lesson and changed it to be about how heavenly father makes weak things strong. Either 12 is pretty much the greatest chapter of the Book of Mormon. I have never been so happy in my life. 
   I get to help people know that through the Holy Ghost the Atonement of Jesus Christ isnt just for sin, but comfort and love. We never need to forget the atonement is for not just sin but all things that cause us pain. Through the atonement we can feel the Savior's love. Which is amazing. 
   Then in anopther lesson this lady Hastu was having trouble getting aswers to her prayers. I then asked do you know God loves you. she said Idk. I looked her and with the most sincere heart in the world I said I know I know he does and I know he wants you to keep talking to him. Don't lose your faith in Christ I know he loves you too. I think I almost made her cry but thats not the point. I know she felt the spirit and she knew I was telling the truth. 
   I love this and I love doing it in another language. I'm going to be the best missionary ever lol jk. I'm not that good but this work makes me so happy I want nothing more in my life then this. I got two packages this week. one from Paula and Rodge. It was full of peanut butter stuff. I guess they talk to one of y'all  because you know and I know I love peanut butter. Guess what the Indos love it too. I cover so much stuff in peanut sauce it's so good with this not so good MTC food. I know  it will never compare to Indo.
    This week we got two new missionaries and lost one. This young man  going to Madagascar left. He just didn't want to be here. We all were very sad I don't think the new missionaries even know. He was such a good young man. He just couldn't make it through the trial. It made me sad but made me want to love my brethen more and strengrthen them. I cheered them up and we are doing very well maybe even better. The lord takes care of the ones who follow him and do there best its not about being perfect.
   I haven't wrote MeMe for her birthday.I feel bad. I hope you are talking to her about me. I do love her so much and her very good example. Eery time I go to the temple I think of her and how happy she was when she was there with me. I love the temple. Today was the last day I'll be there for two years. Very sad I don't know how I will survive without it. what a blessing it is. Nothing is more beautiful and wonderful and spiritiual then the house of the lord. Oh and the new sister we got Tuesday is from Denmark I think she is kinda hot but she is going to Greece .Don't worry I'll be fine. lol.
    I miss my friends so much especially TJ, Seth, and the Wards. Being away from home is so hard,but there is nothing more important then this work. Collette I want you to tell all my friends my email and if they have any questions or need any help I can help  them. I will answers their questions. Mom you better tell the Wards they better write me back asap. I already wrote the letter for the youth. It's pretty good penmanship I think lol. 
   Oh the language is going good. I'm learning so much so fast lol. I know I say the same things so much but its so true. I'm going to send some more pics today. I'm really happy. I don't think my mission will be to hard if I just stay positive and keep my faith. I'm pretty strong willed. Oh mom and dad thanks for the package today it was great. I've already ate most of it lol.  I love everyone. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Life in the MTC

 my district is four counting me. two elders are from sandy and lindon utah. and i have a sister from cali. me one elder and sister are going to indonesia and the other elder from sandy is going to malaysia
                                                 studying like crazy
 our room 

Email from Oct. 31st

Im having a great time here. the MTC is really fun, but at the same time it sucks. Well so i was in the new west campus the first 6 days and now im at the main campus. my new address is Elder jared Moses Haws Dec 02 Indo-jak 2005 N 900E unit#303 Provo Ut 84602.  Tell meme im sorry that she couldnt send the pie its the thought that counts. ive really grow to love her and her example it means alot to have a grandparent of the fold. Today is really nice and relaxed i got all my luandry done but i havent folded them but i will i promise. the language is hard but i Coba(Try). i thinks that my best ability so far ive found out how to put my heart, soul ,love, might, strength and faith when i teach. im doing really well. my testimony in the lord has grown so much it means alot to know he is there for me. i just am giving it my all. because of that im really tired. im sleeping good and getting up and being example to my district about be obedient thats all i want to be. im changing and i like it.i have two companions and they are Elder kehl and Mangum. i really like them most of the time. The food is killing my stomach. i feel awful all the time. im trying to get some pictures on here but it wont work ill get them to you next week i promise. Dont worry i will come how with honor. Collette i need some warm colthes i just got a feeling its going to be cold. idk how im going to get them back to you but i will. the MTC is going pretty well i think i meshing pretty well. everyone in my branch is foregin and i love it. i really like the brits. they are really nice guys and guls. its good to see other people feel the same as me. oh talking about the temple i did someone relatives in my branch from france that was cool. a very sweet spirit. 
 Elder Haws

Letter from Elder Haws written Oct. 30th
First thing is everything is great. I'm so happy right now. How is McCoy? I miss you all a lot, but not really at the same time. The food is awful here and my stomach feels awful, but I will make it. The language is hard but fun. Southern into Indonesia is hard. I am learning a lot very fast. Well I'm going to bed.
With Love, 
Elder Haws

Email from Nov. 7
 i got to go to the temple earlier kinda bitter sweet only three more times for the next two years. i have really grown to enjoy the temple so much and everything is making more sense everytime i go. or maybe im just paying more attention. i love it. the pics and video were awesome. im growing very close to the lord and everyone tells me i have a very strong spirit when i teach. i cant say much but i sure can tesitify. i really follow the spirit and i know that it will help me. our teachers tell us we are ahead of any other group that they have taught. they tell us the mission is fun but hard. u sweat a lot and some places are very different. but we are meant to go there. the food is good but hard on the body at first. everyone gets sick but idk. I'm doing pretty well and can't wait to get there. we are playing a lot of basketball. we workout 5 days a week. we end up just joking around and having fun.
my favorite scripture is mosiah 2:17 (And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God).others serves god.always will be. but ive really enjoyed reading the book of mormon i started a week or so ago and im almost to mosiah.
Elder Haws