Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zone Conference

     I'm doing pretty good. I'm sorry you have been blessed with the bad luck on flights. I think it taught me how to become patient. I wish I would've developed that quality sooner. It might have changed my life a little but oh well we live and we learn. 
      My missionary experience from this week is, I received a referral from the other Elders in Solo about this guy who wanted to meet that night. I looked for forever trying to find it and I even went to the Bishop's to get directions because addresses are so bad in this country. i finally found it. I walked in and he thinks I'm there to teach English but I said I was there to teach him the gospel. He was like I don't have time tonight how about Saturday. I was like sure and he said he would invite all his neighbors. 
     Saturday morning Elder Barlow was sick. We called some other Elders to see if they can go. So I went on splits probably with my favorite Indonesian in the mission. We got there and Elder Wintlo (Indonesian) teaches great, but lets rewind a little. 
    Earlier that day Elder Barlow was doing something. I knew I needed the spirit like really bad. I've been having a hard time feeling the spirit in this language. I prayed for a long time and all I prayed for was the spirit, I didn't get up until I felt it. Now fast forward to the lesson. It's my turn to teach about the Book of Mormon. I taught it perfect no language mistakes and testified with the spirit. I just wanted to show you that the Lord is always ready to bless you if you just ask with faith and have a desire. Show him you love him and show him that you need him. We were blessed with 4 new investigators this week. I'm so glad to be a missionary.

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