Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mission Life

There is a brand in Indonesia that's called Dang I love Indonesia, so we copied it a little and made ours shirts say dang I love surabaya barat district. then we got our names on the back. its pretty cool.

Jared might not like that I am sharing this story but it's apart of being a missionary. 

   I had a bike wreck. I was going down a hill and I needed to stop, I pulled the wrong brake becuase they are backwards here, and I flew over my handle bars. I got up and my pants are destroyed. I got up all mad and I'm like why can't I ride my bike today because I was having trouble all day. I got up and was fine and enjoyed the day. lol 

 I'm doing great. I had a great time with Elder Wintolo this week. My companion gets here in Surabaya in two days. I'm excited to meet him. Yesterday I confirmed someone for the first time I was scared to death and my Indonesian wasn't very good. The English wanted to come out for the blessing, but I did my best and I know the spirit was guiding me. 
    I was reading last night about faith. In articles of faith Elder Talmage explained some great things that I knew, but I guess I could never explain without his words. It was cool how he said a lot of people think faith and believing is the same thing. He thinks thats not true. True faith is when you believe in him but you trust in him and you act for him. You love trust in him because you believed in him and then you act upon that belief. I thought that was cool. 
Then he talked about faith some more. How Heavenly Father has all these laws and that's how he works but if we truly have faith,  things can change that it pretty much brings mercy and thats how miracles are brought. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear because I have two languages in my head and my English is already bad. I don't have really any cool amazing stories this week. President is wanting us to raise the bar and get 2  baptisms in four months. I told him I'm shooting for three and I'll get it done. so lets see the faith work through me now. I miss you all a ton.

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