Monday, November 10, 2014


Nov 2nd
The pictures are super cool, thank you. I had a good week. I tired to see as many members as I could. I had some great lessons and no one rejected us this week. We gave away five Books of Mormon. We got five new investigators. It was a good week. I'm going to a lesson in about two hours and I need the prayers for the spirit. Plead with the Lord to bless me with his spirit. We had one investigator come to church. She is an eternal investigator but she said next year in Jan. she wants to be in the church. I don't know if I believe but I hope she does. It will be the best decision she will ever make. We have one investigator who has a lot of potential but he is often out of town. He has been to church. I hope he continues to grow. I will try and get you some pictures thank you so much for everything. I'm really sad to be moving from Surabaya. I really have a great love for the members.The people are great in this country. I will always have a little Indonesian in me the rest of my life.  

Nov 9th
 Well I'm here in Bandung. This city is where all the young people come for school and to have fun. It's a lot cooler here, but so far sama aja( the same anywhere else). I am going to be a District Leader here.The new companion is from Miami, Florida. He is a Heat fan. He is great and I think we will have a great time together. He already respects me as a teacher. He told me I have a good knowledge of the gospel. There are no investigators here at all. A few but doesn't seem they are very progressive. This area is said to be the hardest area in the mission. I think it is a little true but its not about the numbers. We'll find someone to teach and help to come unto Christ. 
    I was very sad to leave my last area behind. I really hope those two youth I helped receive the ordinance of baptism stay active. I love them dearly. This branch is very small maybe the smallest here in country but there are some pioneers here. The first member baptized in Indonesia is here. I got the chance to go to his house. He is a great man. He is a single old man but he is wonderful and very to the point. He is a Chinese man and he can read your hand and give you advice. He told me i was going to get married fast like right after the mission and that I'm really good at making decisions. I know right between wrong he said and I will have three kids hahaa. That doesn't sound to right. but oh well. and He said if I start a business don't do it alone. Do it with a friend I can trust. If I do it alone it won't go very well. 
The rest of the week went well. I had a great time here. I miss the people of Surabaya. I had a great time there.  My language is getting really good. I love you all and I know this church is true. 

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