Friday, November 8, 2013

Life in the MTC

 my district is four counting me. two elders are from sandy and lindon utah. and i have a sister from cali. me one elder and sister are going to indonesia and the other elder from sandy is going to malaysia
                                                 studying like crazy
 our room 

Email from Oct. 31st

Im having a great time here. the MTC is really fun, but at the same time it sucks. Well so i was in the new west campus the first 6 days and now im at the main campus. my new address is Elder jared Moses Haws Dec 02 Indo-jak 2005 N 900E unit#303 Provo Ut 84602.  Tell meme im sorry that she couldnt send the pie its the thought that counts. ive really grow to love her and her example it means alot to have a grandparent of the fold. Today is really nice and relaxed i got all my luandry done but i havent folded them but i will i promise. the language is hard but i Coba(Try). i thinks that my best ability so far ive found out how to put my heart, soul ,love, might, strength and faith when i teach. im doing really well. my testimony in the lord has grown so much it means alot to know he is there for me. i just am giving it my all. because of that im really tired. im sleeping good and getting up and being example to my district about be obedient thats all i want to be. im changing and i like it.i have two companions and they are Elder kehl and Mangum. i really like them most of the time. The food is killing my stomach. i feel awful all the time. im trying to get some pictures on here but it wont work ill get them to you next week i promise. Dont worry i will come how with honor. Collette i need some warm colthes i just got a feeling its going to be cold. idk how im going to get them back to you but i will. the MTC is going pretty well i think i meshing pretty well. everyone in my branch is foregin and i love it. i really like the brits. they are really nice guys and guls. its good to see other people feel the same as me. oh talking about the temple i did someone relatives in my branch from france that was cool. a very sweet spirit. 
 Elder Haws

Letter from Elder Haws written Oct. 30th
First thing is everything is great. I'm so happy right now. How is McCoy? I miss you all a lot, but not really at the same time. The food is awful here and my stomach feels awful, but I will make it. The language is hard but fun. Southern into Indonesia is hard. I am learning a lot very fast. Well I'm going to bed.
With Love, 
Elder Haws

Email from Nov. 7
 i got to go to the temple earlier kinda bitter sweet only three more times for the next two years. i have really grown to enjoy the temple so much and everything is making more sense everytime i go. or maybe im just paying more attention. i love it. the pics and video were awesome. im growing very close to the lord and everyone tells me i have a very strong spirit when i teach. i cant say much but i sure can tesitify. i really follow the spirit and i know that it will help me. our teachers tell us we are ahead of any other group that they have taught. they tell us the mission is fun but hard. u sweat a lot and some places are very different. but we are meant to go there. the food is good but hard on the body at first. everyone gets sick but idk. I'm doing pretty well and can't wait to get there. we are playing a lot of basketball. we workout 5 days a week. we end up just joking around and having fun.
my favorite scripture is mosiah 2:17 (And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God).others serves god.always will be. but ive really enjoyed reading the book of mormon i started a week or so ago and im almost to mosiah.
Elder Haws

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  1. Keep giving it your all. love jesse duarte