Saturday, November 23, 2013

MTC Week 4

 Provo Temple
 Missionary Models
 The "Brit"
My new Best Friend for Eternity 

   Well I've been told I need to put more details in my emails. So I guess I will. I'm really excited to get to the field (Indonesia). I've had some really great experiences teaching. I'm very good at testifying. Like we were about to teach this guy named Pak Rik. He and his wife have split up, and they had a child together and he misses him. For some reason me and my companion changed our whole lesson and changed it to be about how heavenly father makes weak things strong. Either 12 is pretty much the greatest chapter of the Book of Mormon. I have never been so happy in my life. 
   I get to help people know that through the Holy Ghost the Atonement of Jesus Christ isnt just for sin, but comfort and love. We never need to forget the atonement is for not just sin but all things that cause us pain. Through the atonement we can feel the Savior's love. Which is amazing. 
   Then in anopther lesson this lady Hastu was having trouble getting aswers to her prayers. I then asked do you know God loves you. she said Idk. I looked her and with the most sincere heart in the world I said I know I know he does and I know he wants you to keep talking to him. Don't lose your faith in Christ I know he loves you too. I think I almost made her cry but thats not the point. I know she felt the spirit and she knew I was telling the truth. 
   I love this and I love doing it in another language. I'm going to be the best missionary ever lol jk. I'm not that good but this work makes me so happy I want nothing more in my life then this. I got two packages this week. one from Paula and Rodge. It was full of peanut butter stuff. I guess they talk to one of y'all  because you know and I know I love peanut butter. Guess what the Indos love it too. I cover so much stuff in peanut sauce it's so good with this not so good MTC food. I know  it will never compare to Indo.
    This week we got two new missionaries and lost one. This young man  going to Madagascar left. He just didn't want to be here. We all were very sad I don't think the new missionaries even know. He was such a good young man. He just couldn't make it through the trial. It made me sad but made me want to love my brethen more and strengrthen them. I cheered them up and we are doing very well maybe even better. The lord takes care of the ones who follow him and do there best its not about being perfect.
   I haven't wrote MeMe for her birthday.I feel bad. I hope you are talking to her about me. I do love her so much and her very good example. Eery time I go to the temple I think of her and how happy she was when she was there with me. I love the temple. Today was the last day I'll be there for two years. Very sad I don't know how I will survive without it. what a blessing it is. Nothing is more beautiful and wonderful and spiritiual then the house of the lord. Oh and the new sister we got Tuesday is from Denmark I think she is kinda hot but she is going to Greece .Don't worry I'll be fine. lol.
    I miss my friends so much especially TJ, Seth, and the Wards. Being away from home is so hard,but there is nothing more important then this work. Collette I want you to tell all my friends my email and if they have any questions or need any help I can help  them. I will answers their questions. Mom you better tell the Wards they better write me back asap. I already wrote the letter for the youth. It's pretty good penmanship I think lol. 
   Oh the language is going good. I'm learning so much so fast lol. I know I say the same things so much but its so true. I'm going to send some more pics today. I'm really happy. I don't think my mission will be to hard if I just stay positive and keep my faith. I'm pretty strong willed. Oh mom and dad thanks for the package today it was great. I've already ate most of it lol.  I love everyone. 

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