Monday, June 2, 2014

New Area

Hello Everyone,
 This week was really good. I'm really enjoying this area and  the people I'm serving with! I know I will have a lot of success  in this area! We got a baptismal commitment. He has some of word of wisdom problems, but I know we can help him over come his problems. His wife is a member and I know that will help him a lot. We invited his wife to be an example and read and pray together as a family. 
       I also had a great experience last week! I woke up sick as a dog. I felt terrible and we had an appointment. I tried to get up and do personal study but I just couldn't. I prayed with real desire because I just wanted to go out and help people. I rested and woke up and got dressed and then I asked for a blessing. when I received the blessing he said you need to keep showing your faith. 
       I went out still sick and I mean sick. Our appointment was on the other side of the city. I got on my bike and we finally got there maybe 45 minutes later and I thought I was going to die. I shook his hand and started to teach. It all went away. I had no pain and the spirit gave me peace. 
     Now I know Moroni is right in Ether 12:6 (we can't receive a testimony until we try our faith). I knew I could be healed because God lives and his priesthood is real but this time I had to show my faith! I know for a fact that the priesthood is restored and I will profess that the rest of my life!

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