Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Last Week in the MTC

Provo Temple
Elder Haws can do Laundry!!!

    I'm doing really good. I just heard a talk from Elder Nelson, it was a great talk about living the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am ready to get to the mission field (Indonesia). Maybe not for the language but I'm going to work hard.
   Yes I ate lunch. I had turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes. Then I had some pumpkin pie. I don't really like the food here, it kinda sucks. I'm ready for my nasi and ayam! lol Maybe you can translate that on google. I got the notebook and the package from Jacob with the i-pod and stuff. Is there more coming? Please don't send anymore stuff. I'm going to have a hard time finding a place to put it.
  I leave here at 2:30 on Dec. 2 and get to the airport around 4:30 because we ride the train. Then I fly from SLC at 7:35 to LA. I will be in LA from about 9:00 there time until midnight. Then I hit Hong Kong @ 8 AM and will finally arrive in Indo at 1:20 PM on DEC 04.
   Oh I forgot to tell you. Tuesday we went to gym and the first counselor in the MTC presidency is just sitting there waiting for us(me, my companion Elder Mangum, and our sister, Sister Reilly). It's just been us three the whole time pretty much. We are ready to rock. We walked in and he's like we need your help. We got to set up for the service project today and work with them. It was really cool too work with my leaders! I loved it! Yeah everyone at the MTC! We are making soup for the food banks in UT. its pretty cool!
Here is a link to an article written about the service project Elder Haws is talking about.

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