Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week # 5

     This week was pretty well. I had a wonderful birthday and we had a  zone meeting. It was really weird being away from family and friends for my birthday, but it was also a blessing. I'm so happy and blessed to be a missionary. The Savior has blessed me so much and I love helping people come closer to him. I hope I'm a good example but I don't think I am. I try to always improve and see what  I could do better. 
   I hope everyones Christmas was well and they are very happy and were able to remember the Savior. I don't think I've ever thought about the Savior so much in my life. I hope I'm making him happy through my service. I think I care about that most. 
     I gave my testimony yesterday. It's really hard to express yourself in this language. Things are really simple in Indonesian sometimes that's really good sometimes that's not. We taught 8 inactive lessons this week and received some more referrals.  I hope these work better then the last ones. Me and my companion couldn't find an address (addresses are pretty crazy here) so we went and asked these people and my companion kinda checked the store out because it had some jerseys. They were talking about me and my companion said. " my Indonesian wasn't very good". I said, "he was a liar and started talking to them". I invited them to English class. They all said they would come but I don't know if they will. Then they wanted pictures with me. It was kinda hilarious  I don't understand why white people are so cool here but they are. I feel like a celebrity.
      Yesterday we taught a young man. He is kind of inactive. I felt good because I knew how he felt. I could just tell he was a good kid but he just didn't like church. I asked him if he wanted eternal life and he said he did. He wants to live with his family forever. I promised him if he came to church and would pray and read and study his scriptures that he could. He is a good kid and I hope he comes to church.
      I just love how simple the message is to the world. if you ask the Lord in prayer with a sincere heart and want to know the truth you can know it to be true. I'm so thankful to know about personal revelation. It has blessed my life so much. I want people to know about the same things I know to be true. Keep working hard all of you and never loose faith. I love all of you. Never forget your Savior and maju terus. 

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