Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week #7 and #8

Below are bits and pieces from Jared's emails over the last 2 weeks. 
     I was coming home on my bike and I was going do this big hill really fast and this rat runs out in the street in front of me. He tried to run back and I just hit it right on and it bounced up and hit me in the leg. It was so funny because it could have lived but choose to die.
     We only have about 3-4 people come to English class and they don't really want to learn about the gospel. Me and my companion had a good week. We worked super hard and biked a ton. We didn't have that good of numbers but we went out to find people and that's what counts, we try. We are teaching some people tonight who heard from a member about how families can be together forever. We are going to teach the plan of salvation. We have another family who lives really close to us and didn't want to learn at first but now they do. We were going to meet with them yesterday but they had to leave.                     
     The highlight of my week was that this young man we teach every Sunday afternoon actually came to church yesterday. I was super excited. I felt so good inside. I have never thanked Heavenly Father so much in my life. I just felt like I did something, you know what I mean. I saw the results and it felt so pleasing. I'm just going to keep improving and try my best.     
      We had our weekly district meeting and we go up and talk about people we need help with and elder wood was talking about this guy he wouldnt stop talking about the name mormon what does that mean and all this stuff. and I rasied my hand. i was like look at your name tag. what does it say, The Church of Jesus Christ, and i told him about the chapter in 3 Nephi when the apostles are asking for the name of the church and I told him about it. and how Christ says this is my church. not a church of man. I've never spoken with the spirit so much in my life. I finally realized I just need to talk. I need to just express myself. and thats all I need. Teaching is slow like always but we are improving. We are finding at least some new investigators a week. We are trying our best. When I speak I try and invite the spirit to let me know what I need to say. I ask a lot of questions.   
     We eat on the side of the road every night. I don't eat crazy things President told me not too. So I don't. I love you bye. I promise I will send pictures next week.

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