Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week # 4

  My Companion and I are getting pretty close. We taught sister X. It went pretty well. They know English but they went back to Jakarta. so we gave them to the Elders there. I said the first vision, I didn't say it perfect but I did it. My companion says he can tell I know what to teach but the language is my only problem but i feel like i need to learn a lot more. I'm really proud of myself. I'm staying pretty positive or I'm trying too. I'm sorry it is raining so much but i know how you feel. Good luck with work and take care of dad.  Me and my Bishop are getting really close. He is super funny. ohh and my comp could serve in his ward it happens a lot. but oh well. 
         I really talk and laugh with my bishop all the time. i really enjoy time with him. He reminds me of dad. A good loving man. umm lets see how much tithing did i give?? I love the blessings from tithing. 
     We are going to Pizza Hut for my birthday. I might spend a lot of money so just get ready for it. umm idk what to say I love you and miss you. I'm so happy mom. I miss everyone but I just feel good. I know I still need to change a lot and forget about some things but I promise I'm working hard and I want to try and get a baptism in each of my areas. I'm going to do my best. I hope I get somehting from the Wards I miss them too. haha. They make me laugh so hard. They are just crazy. ohh if you can believe it, I read a Marvelous Work and a Wonder cover to cover in about three weeks and I enjoyed reading it. I think I'm going to become a reader. lol i cant believe I said that. I love to learn. I always have. I read so much now its awesome. lol jagan nakal. (dont be naughty) or like be good. love you tell everyone hi for me. and tell the family i love them and the lord loves them even more. We contact by just talking to people. We can't just go door to door. English helps a lot too. 

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