Monday, February 10, 2014

Week # 10

 Kamdo Dragon
    This week I'll just send one email to everyone. I'm doing really well. I'm really starting to be able to understand the spirit more, and i love it. Me and Elder Hendro are having a hard time with investigators but we are doing great with in-activates. I have two young men that I see about once a week and they are starting to come to church more often. I'm glad to able to put my arm around them and uplift them. I think that's one of my talents from Heavenly Father and it might be the reason I was sent here. I just try to share the love to everyone. 
     Sometimes church is  a struggle for me. I don't really understand what's going on, and I like to ponder about things. Half of the time I don't even know whats going on. I'm doing better then before. I'm super sad that in about two weeks Iwont be with Elder Hendro anymore. We have gotten really close and he helps me so much with the language. I will be forever grateful for him. 
      We are going to some museum today and eating steak after. I don't know which one I'm more excited for. I have been in Indonesia for two months already and its going to be three before I know it. The time really flies bye. My Language is getting really good. 
     Mom when is my b-day package going to get here? I think its lost forever! Madison you can tell your mom I got her card, and tell her thank you, means a lot. Mom tell Sister Frances thank you for her card. 
      I have been thinking a lot about trials and faith and what I've learned so far. How faith and trials are just connected. We gain faith thorugh trials but the only way we can get through the trial is faith. I guess what im trying to say is we always have to do something. So I decided to quit whining and do something about it.I started just asking anyone everyone if they know anyone I could teach. I think it's working. It helps me get to know the members and show them I care. I don't do it in a mean way but I want to do something. 
     Well I got a little story and then I'm done. We got a referal to this ladies salon. We contacted her and taught the first lesson. She started crying and said she wanted her whole family to learn. So we said we will try next week and invited her to church. Sunday rolls around and me and Elder Hendro wait until sakramen starts and she still hasn't come, so we went in. About five mintues later she comes in and sit down with her friend from the other ward. Then like another five mintues goes by and her friend  pulls her out and takes her into Relief Society in her ward and I was super confused. It turns out she lives in the other ward boundaries. So we give them to the other Elders and her whole family has a baptism date for this month. I'm not baptizing them but we found her and got her to church. So i feel pretty good about that. 
 Elder Haws 

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