Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week #12

First Baptism

Masks for the ash from the volcano

     The ash is finally gone and it just feels great. Transfers got pushed back a week for some reason but Elder Hendro moves the third of March. My new companion is Elder Barlow.
     The first cool thing is the lady I taught who lived in another area got baptized yesterday. but the coolest thing was one of her kids asked me to baptize her. I feel super blessed from the Lord and loved also. I know he is proud of me and I just feel a lot better. Secondly that same day someone called the church and was like I want to learn about your church. He lives in my area we are going to try and meet with him today at the church. Please pray for me to have the spirit. I want to help change this mans life also. I know I can do it through the spirit because thats how all people are converted. 

Side note for baptism: I said the ordinances really well. Her name was pretty easy too but I kind of slammed her in the water I felt a little bad.  but she was for sure baptized  lol

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