Friday, December 27, 2013

Week # 3 Christmas

Elder Haws at a mall in Solo (he loves the hat)
Getting a bat out of the apartment
Riding his bike in the heavy rain (right now is Indonesian's rain season)
Bathroom-  I have an American toilet so that nice. I don't have to squat lol. The blue bucket thing is my shower. The water is so cold and I have a scooper thing and I dump the water on myself. its not that bad.

We got to Skype with Jared Christmas night. This picture was taken off of my phone (Collette's). Elder Haws skyped his parent's in Georgia and then they facetimed Jacob and Jacob then facetimed me.
So grateful for technology!!!

  Guess what, it's been raining here too!! lol but everyday. I love the weather here.  I know I've been called to the right place. I'm really happy. My language is getting better and the members are so happy. I'm going to be Santa for the ward lol. I'll send you pictures. 
     On Sunday I'll be teaching gospel princlpes about tithing. I know most of the vocabulary so I should be good. I haven't taught an invesagtior yet because our appointments fall through, but no worries. We should teach a lesson toady with a member and an investigator. It's a part member family. We got three referals this week and maybe another because an Elder in another area was teaching in our area so we might get him. I don't really have anything cool to say yet. Oh we went to a mall and it was freaking huge. We contacted while the primary sang it was very fun. I had a great time. I just walk up to people and try and talk Indonesain and they try and speak English. We both mess up so it's funny. We told people about English class and I hope they come. We also met a guy from some where in Africa so I hope he comes to English class.  love you bye

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