Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Funny Story

Beautiful View
A Temple
Our new Biking Gear

Jared didn't give us a lot to update the blog with this week. He said the President has asked them to wear those vest during the day and night. He said he feels stupid but is being obedient. He said everybody just looks at them funny. I am guessing it has to do with missionaries getting hit while they are on their bikes. Jacob asked Jared if he had any funny stories from the week and below is what he sent.

    If you didn't know by now people love taking photos of white people. We were coming home from a zone meeting on a train and I was super tired and I didn't have a seat. So I just sat down in the middle of the train, there was this lady in front of me, and I could tell she was taking pictures of me. I got another Elder to sit by me and we just smiled at here. lol  I hope she got all the pictures she needed.

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