Monday, March 10, 2014

New Companion New Adventures

     This week was a good one. I had a great time. My new companion just wants to work hard, and I love it. He is a great young man. We are going to do great things together. We did a lot of proselyting. We asked where the Christians were and of course the Muslims were like over there. It was really good and some people received us. We taught 5 lessons this week to investigators  I just feel like I actually did something this week. It's a great feeling. 
    On Monday went to a family night. We taught about enduring to the end. It went really well and I could really feel the spirit. Then the next day we followed up on someone in our area book. We went to their house and some guy walks out and talks to us. We talked for a while and then we asked if we could share a message. He really wasn't understanding or something. He kept saying he was sick and stuff. Then he goes and says he was a sakit jiwa. which means a sick soul or retarded. I couldn't help but laugh. I'm pretty sure the dude was higher than a kite. My companion agreed. He did tell us about two Christians who lived across the street.
      We went across the street and just knocked on the gate and asked if we can come in. He said we could share a message so we did and we taught the restoration. It was going really good until we pulled the Book of Mormon out and his whole attitude changed, but he said he would read and pray. He also said he would be busy the whole month and we couldn't come back until April. It looks like missionaries are going back to his apartment in April. 
     We met this guy on the street. He was super cool and was asking all these great questions. We taught about the Book of Mormon and we were about to give him the Book of Mormon. Then this guy comes out of no where and is like religion is a lie and all this stuff and destroyed the spirit and everything. The other man received our pass along card and I hope he receives another chance. 
     Fast forward to Friday. We decided to go walk around close to our house. We were walking and talking to the kids and stuff( the kids love the white people). Then this lady asked what church are you from. That church over there or over there?  I'm like no, we talked through the gate for a minute or two and she let us in. I start teaching the restoration and my companion was like we should teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and I said okay and thats what we taught. They really enjoyed it and we are going back there tonight. 
     Yesterday a guy we met on Wednesday said we could come. We went there and he isn't home. His wife is there and his brother and sister. and all these people are talking to us and then he finally shows up. We didn't have enough time and half the people there were Muslims. They have so much potential it was awesome. We didn't teach cause you aren't allowed to teach a Muslim unless they ask to be taught. That is only the highlights. It was a great week and I'm going to really enjoy working with Elder Barlow. toady for P-day we are going to a waterfall and Buddhist temple. So yeah it should be fun. love you all. tuhan memberkati 

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