Thursday, December 12, 2013


President and Sister Donald  
Elder Haws with new Missionaries to the Indonesian Mission

  Alright I hope everyone is doing well! I already love Indo so much. It's a great place and everything is moving so fast. I like that. Well on last Monday I left my teachers who I already miss so much. I got really close with them. I was happy to get up in the morning and see them. My teacher Brother Rawle was super nice and took my stuff to Jacob. He is a really good example for me. We took off to the airport and I loved that I got to talk to all y'all. It was nice to hear y'alls voice. 
     So when we left from LA to HK it was about 15 HRS.  I slept all the time and walked around the rest of the time. Then guess what family i decided to eat the breakfast on the plane. I felt fine at first then we took off to Jakarta and  I started feeling awful. Terus I got so sick. I had to go to the bathroom and of course a lady was in there taking her time and I threw up all over myself and the floor. She comes out like whats going on. I felt so bad for the people on the plane but they were ramah sekali (really nice) and helped me out. The first time I met President Donald I had throw up on my white shirt. I just laughed and went on. I handed it well and I just did what Brother Rawle told me just laugh and have fun. It was super nasty but oh well.
       I got to the mission home  and had a lot of fun meeting some missionaries. I love the people here they are super nice. They said our group has the best bahsa. Like we understand so much and all I can say is thank you to my teachers. They pushed us so hard and we did what they told us.
      Then on Thursday I met the Indo district and we have been with them until today. Today I meet my trainer his name is Elder Hindro he is a really small guy but we will get along great I am here to work hard. On Thursday until today I have been working with the Jakarta district. We have a lot of fun they are Elder Xong, Broberg, Headrick and Kusumarmanto. Elder Kus what I call him he is the only Indo. On Thurzday we were all together and went to a dinner appointment. It was fun and I met some sisters.  The Indo food has been killing my stomach. I like mostly all of it. I dont know about tofu. 
       Friday we had a district meeting and had dinner together as a district. Then after me and Elder Broberg went out and taught two lessons and got a referral  We had two appointments cancel, one because the man had to go help his son out and the other was a dinner appointment of a member which cancelled cause we were going to get there late because of traffic. Traffic is so bad here so so so so so so sos sosos os soso so bad. lol We got like 5 miles in two hours. I swear so bad. but oh well. 
       Elder broberg likes how i testify. He says I have a lot of faith. I guess thats always been my strength from the begining because I know this gospel is true. I know it I know it. I just want people to find out for themselves. Thats why I am here and thats what I am going to do. Indo is fun. I am going to have great mission. The coolest thing that happened with me and Elder Broberg is we decided to just go visit this guy and we walk up and he is reading the kitab mormon we were so excited. We talked about waht he was reading about why that book was written. It was great I loved it.
     On Saturday me and Elder Headrick went out together we did some proselyting because we had no appointees and then we went to an English ward party . I met a lot of people. We ate turkey and had fun. I also learned how to play a nose whistle. That was hilarous we went up with some brothers from the ward ans played Jingle Bells through our nose whistles lol. 
     Then on Sunday I gave a really good testimony(in english) about love and Jesus Christ and the Christmas season. I really felt the spirit a lot on Sunday. Elder Mangum gave a very good testimony too. I'm going to miss him. He will always be my companion. Then after sacrament we taught a lesson on the plan of salvation in English about we are here to learn and grow and find a way back to God and we need to do our part. God loves us all so much and wants the best for us. He cares for us because he sent his only begotten to die for us. What else can I say then that he loves us more then everything. I know through this gospel I can live with my father again. 
      I didnt introduce my self at the Indo ward but oh well this isn't my area I guess. I really like the Indo people so nice and happy with so little. We stayed at church til about four because the Elders are in the choir and they had practice. I practiced with them. lol Even though my voice is so bad. lol I'm having a lot of fun. I do miss home but there is nothing greater then doing the Lords work. We then had a dinner appointment with someone from the English ward. We had some enchiladas. I hope the cheese helps my stomach.
       I meet my trainer today and then we head to Solo. Solo is my first area. We will be on bikes. they have a lot of hills they say. So it sounds like I'm about to be getting a lot skinnier. Oh but the food is really good they say. They like dog there so I will tell you how it taste. I will eat anything but rat. I guess if someone makes it for me and thats alll they have I will eat it. 
      It's hot here but not any hotter then home in like July and August. I love it. its so nice to be warm and feel humidity again. I hate dry Utah lol. Well I love you all thank you for all your love. I am sorry about the terrible spelling but I got rid of all the spell checks and I dont feel like reading all this again lol. saya tahu ini injil benar saya tahu melaliu jospeh smith yesus kritsus injil dipulikan dan saya tahu bawha yesus kritus adalah juruselamat kita

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