Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week # 2 Be Grateful

Elder Haws is loving the Indonesian People
Missionaries at the MTC

      I hope everyone is feeling good. This week was kinda of a struggle. We didn't teach one investigator. I hated that. They are always gone my companion says. I got really close with a lot of elders in my district and one of my zone leaders. There are some great young people in this mission. I'm really happy here. I have struggles though like everyone else. I really like my companion. He has a lot of faith and is very chill. He is always sinta aja which means just chill and relaxed. 
      I met an older man in my ward he is super kind and I can just feel the spirit as soon as I walk in. He can't make it to church he just sits in his little house. 
          By the way don't forget how freakin blessed y'all are. okay The people have nothing here and they are so much more happier then you. I never hear them complain about anything. Americans cry about everything. Then also with brother S (i will call him) we were able to give him the sacrament and I got to bless the water in Indonesian. I probably siad it wrong but I did my best. I can't read in English good,  how can I read in another language. 
       On Sunday I got to go to another members home and give them the sacrament. I really felt like the Savior going through the rain on my bike and helping people renew their covenants. It's great. All the people here as so so nice and happy. They all call me gemuk which means fat, lol, but thats a compliment here. I kinda want to throw them through a wall but I don't because thats just the way they are. People love talking to me for some reason. The Indonesia people love me too already. All I do is smile. They are very soft spoken people which is so different then I grew up with DAD. I can't even hear them or understand them. In Solo its hot but not too hot. I'm on a my bike a lot. I've already lost a few Kilos. I guess thats good. 
      The food is different but it's growing on me. I really like the fried rice. My bike was awful at fist but I got it fixed at the store. This week we were teaching a members. He knows English and so does my companion but I think I'm still going to speech Indonesian. I have a good feeling about it. A really good feeling. 
     I've been studying the first vision a lot in Indonesian. I can say most of it pretty well but I forget it sometimes. I've only had to say it once so far. There are a lot of power in those words. When I do say it. I was with Elder Broberg and I could feel the spirit change in the room. The man I was teaching really got into after that. Maybe he will become an investigator. I love just talking to people. I've given out a Book of Mormon and about ten pass along cards. I try to talk its hard. It's hard to contact in Solo. Well I don't know what else to say. uh I can't get my SD reader I'm using to work so maybe I'll send a lot of pictures next week. The internet here is even slower then at home so I'm even blessed to have the terrible internet at home. I miss that place. Christmas is going to be hard without you. I love y'all. 

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